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Steel climbing nets are also called lifting frames. According to their power sources, they can be divided into hydraulic, electric and manual hand-held types. It is a new type of scaffolding system developed in recent years, mainly used in high-rise shear wall-type real estate. It can climb or descend along the building. This system completely changes the scaffolding technology: first, it does not need to turn over the shelf; second, it eliminates the disassembly and assembly process of the scaffolding (the construction is completed after one assembly), and is not limited by the height of the building, which greatly saves manpower. And materials. And in the safety angle, there is a big change in the traditional scaffolding. It has great development advantages in high-rise buildings.

The climbing net is installed on the outside of the climbing frame. Most of the raw materials are galvanized sheets with a thickness of 0.5-1.0mm. The width is generally 1/1.25/1.5m. The length can be customized. The color is generally blue or green. . The mesh frame is spray-molded and then sprayed into a finished product. The color steel tile type climbing net is stronger, stronger and easier to install than the flat type climbing net. It is not easy to bend and deform, and the installation is more beautiful.


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