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【Process introduction and advantages】

The climbing frame, also known as the lifting frame, can be divided into hydraulic, electric and manual hand-held types according to its power source. It is a new type of scaffolding system developed in recent years, mainly used in high-rise shear wall-type real estate. It can climb or descend along the building. This system completely changes the scaffolding technology: first, it does not need to turn over the shelf; second, it eliminates the disassembly and assembly process of the scaffolding (the construction is completed after one assembly), and is not limited by the height of the building, which greatly saves manpower. And materials. And in terms of safety, it also has a great improvement for traditional scaffolding, and it has great development advantages in high-rise buildings.

【Schematic diagram】

【Installation process】

1. Set up the installation platform - place the base, install the guide rail, assemble the components of the horizontal truss
2. The beam is bolted to the rail and the main frame pole is fastened to the beam.
3. Attach the diagonal rod to the pole and beam
4. After installing the wall guide, unload the frame onto the guide seat
5, with the structure to connect the elevated body, set up scaffolding, laying the middle layer or temporary scaffolding
6. Do a temporary frame connection with the building structure, and hang the outer row of the dense mesh safety net.
7. After installing the third beam, install the lifting seat and the upper layer of the wall guide
8. Attach the high main frame pole, set the frame to the design height, lay the top scaffolding board, and set the footboard
9. Laying the bottom safety net and the scaffolding board, making the flap
10. The upper frame and structure are effectively connected (the pulling distance is not more than 6m)
11, Zhang hanging outside the dense mesh safety net to the top
12. Insert the anti-falling suspension rod into the base anti-drop device and install the lifting wire rope.
13, pendulum discharge control cabinet, distribution cable, installation electric hoist, wiring, debugging electrical system
14. Pre-tightening the electric hoist, checking and accepting, removing the frame and the upper part of the structure, and lifting the layer one at the same time.
15, the installation is completed, enter the lifting cycle

Climbing Frame

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