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Jiangsu Hongda High Pressure Oil Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Intelligent Climbing Branch Branch ("Jiangsu Hongda Intelligent Climbing Frame Company") is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jiangsu Hongda Group with independent legal personality. Jiangsu Hongda Intelligent Climbing Frame Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive professional climbing frame company that has the qualification of a whole set of climbing frame industry and can engage in construction climbing frame engineering consulting, contracting, construction technical services, climbing frame production, leasing and sale.

Kunming Sanlian Construction Equipment Leasing Co., Ltd. (“Kunming Sanlian”) is also affiliated to the subsidiary of Jiangsu Hongda Group. Since 2010, it has been engaged in climbing frame construction and climbing frame rental. After market baptism and engineering construction experience, Become the leading climber service provider in the Southwest market. Kunming Sanlian has reached long-term cooperation with many construction units in Southwest China to serve the construction industry market.

Based on the principle of “technology is the primary productive force”, the group company has set up Jiangsu Hongda Intelligent Climbing Frame Company and joined Kunming Sanlian as a comprehensive body of “Technology Service Market and Market to Promote Enterprise Development”. Jiangsu Hongda Intelligent Climbing Company continuously supplies new technologies and products that meet market demands for the climbing frame industry. In order to improve the safety of construction, reduce construction costs, improve work efficiency, and better adapt to the needs of the high-rise and super high-rise buildings in the domestic and international development, Jiangsu Hongda Intelligent Climbing Company focuses on the standardization and custom-made attachment of building construction. Lifting and climbing frame. According to the requirements of the construction unit, we design and process the standardized components required for various construction sites, such as standardized frontier enclosures, woodworking sheds, steel sheds, people's cargo sheds, elevator doors, etc., which are provided to the construction unit through leasing or sales. The company has continuously summed up experience and combined with construction needs, developed advanced intelligent lifting and climbing frame technology, and developed HD10-I type attached lifting and climbing frame, HD20-I type customized all-steel intelligent lifting frame and other high-end series products. Its quality and technology are among the nation's leading. The products have been adopted in several construction projects, showing good safety and economy, and are widely recognized and praised by customers.

The company's management team based on unity, pragmatism, forge ahead, and high efficiency is pursuing the tenet of “safety, win-win, and technology leadership”. In the future development process, we will be committed to first-class technology, perfect management, and high-quality quality. Serve our customers and strive to create a broad market and promote the development of the industry!

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