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【Climbing advantage】

Advantage 1: The working environment is greatly improved, the protection is extremely strict, and the frontier operation is like indoor operation.

Advantage 2: Eliminate dangerous erection operations. Demolition of scaffolding is one of the most dangerous jobs for construction.

Advantage 3: Effectively reduce the accident rate of falling from high altitude, no fire hazard in all steel structure, safe and worry-free.

Advantage 4: The climbing frame is the first innovative mechanical equipment for building scaffolding in the world with its own power and self-lifting. In today's world of construction and construction equipment, there is still a gap between China and the world's advanced level. However, in the field of high-rise building construction scaffolding, China's first high-rise lifting platform is the world's leading level, leading the development of high-rise building scaffolding technology.

Advantage 5: Intelligent operation of lifting operation and safety monitoring.

Advantage 6: It helps to speed up the construction progress and enhance the image of the construction site.

Advantage 7: The case is reliable and management is worry-free, and the energy saving and emission reduction effect is amazing. Safety inspections have fewer concerns, fewer operators, less material in and out, and less metering loss. The steel saved by one building with all-steel climbing frame, and the carbon emissions produced during production are equivalent to the carbon dioxide absorbed by 300 mu of forest land a year.


Contrast lifting scaffolding and traditional scaffolding comprehensive analysis comparison table
Floor double row scaffolding Overhanging scaffolding Attached lifting scaffolding
The high-altitude detachment is large, and the falling object is a hidden danger. It lasts for a long time, and it is easy to have many objects, and the fire hazard is large. The workload of continuously repeating high-altitude erection operations has been greatly increased, and the danger of falling people is large, and there are many things that are easy to be fired. Ground assembly, high-altitude use, avoiding a large number of high-altitude temporary operations, using professional equipment with high safety performance. The all-steel structure has no fire hazards and is safe and worry-free.
The maintenance scope is large, the materials used are large, the occupied space is occupied, and the management workload is not worrying. Management is difficult and time-consuming. One-time assembly completes management and saves time and effort.
Occupying the tower crane is not conducive to the construction progress. Occupy tower cranes take a long time and affect the construction progress. It does not occupy the tower crane and does not occupy the construction time, which is conducive to the construction progress.
The maintenance area is large and the image is difficult to maintain. Always repeat the erection, the civilized image is poor. The maintenance area is small and the maintenance image is kept good.

The consumption of steel is large, the fasteners and other losses are large, the labor is too much, the working environment is dangerous, and the technology is backward.

Repeated high-altitude erection, dangerous working environment, cantilever beam, pull knot point, increase the source of danger and management difficulty, the technology is relatively backward, and the fasteners and other losses are large.

Save a lot of steel, good working environment, stereotype, specialization, automation, advanced technology.

High cost and many hidden dangers. The cost is high and there are many security risks. Low cost, high efficiency, and peace of mind.


【Climbing frame features】

Low carbon: save 70% of steel consumption, save 95% of electricity consumption, and save 30% of construction consumables.

Economical: The main body of the building above 45 meters is suitable. The higher the floor, the more obvious the economy, and each building can save 30%-60% of the cost.

Practicality: It can be applied to the main body of various structures.

Safety: It adopts fully automatic synchronous control system and remote control system to actively prevent unsafe conditions, and adopts multi-set star wheel fall arrest device to prevent failure of reset device, etc., ensuring that the protective frame body is always in a safe state, effectively preventing fall. The all-steel structure has no fire hazards and is safe and worry-free.

Intelligent: The microcomputer load technology control system can display the lifting status in real time and automatically collect the load value of each lifting machine. When the load of a certain position exceeds 15% of the design value, it will alarm and display the alarm position in the form of sound and light; when it exceeds 30%, the group of lifting equipment will automatically stop until the fault is eliminated. Effectively avoids the safety hazard caused by overload or excessive load loss.

Mechanization: Achieve low-rise and high-use functions. It is assembled once at the bottom of the main body of the building, attached to the building, and continuously increased with the increase of the height of the floor. The whole operation process does not occupy other lifting machinery, greatly improving the construction efficiency, and the site environment is more humanized, and the management and maintenance are easier. The effect of civilized work is more prominent.

Aesthetics: Breaking through the messy appearance of traditional scaffolding, the overall image of the construction project is more concise and regular, and it can display the safe and civilized image of the construction project more effectively and intuitively.


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