Climbing rack installation process

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Set the installation platform---Place the base, install the guide rails, assemble the horizontal truss parts---Block the beam to the guide rail, and fasten the main frame pole to the beam---slap the diagonal rod to the pole and On the beam - after installing the wall guide, unload the frame onto the guide seat - connect the frame with the structure, erect scaffolding, lay the intermediate layer or temporary scaffolding - make a temporary frame with the building structure Pulling and hanging the outer row of the mesh safety net---After loading the third beam, install the lifting seat and the upper layer of the wall guide seat---connect the high main frame pole, set the frame to the design height, Laying the top scaffolding board and the footing board---laying the bottom safety net and the scaffolding board, making the flap---the upper frame body and the structure are effectively pulled (the pulling distance is not more than 6m)---the hanging outer row is safe Net to the top of the rack---Incorporate the anti-falling boom into the base anti-drop device, install the lifting wire rope---swing discharge control cabinet, distribution cable, install electric hoist, wiring, debugging electrical system---pre-tightening electric Hoist, inspection and acceptance, removal of the frame and the upper part of the structure, synchronous lifting of one layer - all the installation is completed, into Upgrade cycle.

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